UDAAN for Women

UDAAN for Women

Women Empowerment Initiative

On the request of UDAAN SOCIETY, the team of Innerwheel club of Aligarh 'Maitri' provided sewing machine to the wife of Ashok Kashyap who is fighting with the dreaded ailment of Cancer. An extended thanks to Madam Aarti Mittal and the whole team of 'Maitri', who were very kind to support Rajrani with the sewing machine. Hope this will help in the survival of whole family of Mr. Ashok Kashyap, who don't have any survival opportunities as of now.


Women and Girl Education: A Noble Initiative

A team of volunteers of UDAAN Society led by Shri Gyanendra Mishra, President, UDAAN Society, worked hand in hand with a team of members of Emmanuel Hospital Association and Tata Consultancy Services, for providing basic education to the women and adolescent girls of the Nagla Mallah slum. Over 400 women and girls who either never went to school or dropped out due to financial issues or family problems benefitted from this programme. On the conclusion of this course, certificates and gifts were given to all the participants. 

Empowerment: Free Gas Distribution Program

A Free Gas Distribution Program organized in joint venture with the Vatsalya Seva Sanstha and Emmanuel Health Association, which was concluded at Maheshwari Montessori School. Shri Ajay Tomar, Senior Unit Manager of Dainik Jagran, participated in the program as the Chief Guest. With help from Vatsalya Seva Sanstha, free gas and stove was distributed to 9 poor families which are forced to reside in the slums. As a guest, UDAAN Society President Shri Gyanendra Mishra was present. Among other guests were Shri Pandit Devnarayan Bhardwaj, CA Anil Varshne, Shri Ravi Rathi, Shri Neeraj Sharma, Shri Swanhbhai Siddarth, Shri PL Shiromani, and Shri Satendra Singh.

Women Self Defense Training Program

UDAAN Society organized women self-defence training camp to train the women employees of the Vodafone store, Aligarh. It was really a nice experience to conduct such training session with the personnel of Vodafone who were keen enough to take part in the training and also appreciated the efforts of UDAAN Society in the field of social work.

International Women’s Day Celebration  

UDAAN Society celebrated International Women’s Day in Senior Secondary Girls School, Dodhpur, Aligarh. During the celebration, the girls studying in the school read poem and highlighted the significance of Women's Day with their speeches. On this occasion, for the women's respect and awareness, a rally along with the counseling camp for the parents of the girls studying in the school were organized. Main objective of this camp was awareness for encouraging indefinite education for girls. Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Professor of AMU Social Work, Dr. Shayna Saif informed about the importance of girl education in the current scenario and motivated parents to continue the education of girl child at any cost. AMU's research student Smt. Julfi Seth talked about the problems faced in girl child education and gave assurance to help the parents in this direction. In recent past, Smt. Lubna Irfan, a research student carried out 'One Billion Rising' march for women's rights, encouraged the girls to compete with any form of obstructions in education, even in the face of moral pressures. The program was also addressed by Smt. Gajala Parvin, Principal of Gajala School, Smt. Roohi Khan, Secretary of Public Resource Development Society, Shri Yusuf Parvez, SMC President etc. UDAAN Society members Smt. Nancy Varghese, Shri Jameel Hussein, Shri Abu Taher, Smt. Fija Hussein, Smt. Umra Khan, Smt. Adiba, etc. had actively contributed in the success of the program. President of UDAAN Society Shri Gyanendra Mishra appreciated everyone for making the program successful.



Women Empowerment Drive

UDAAN Society organized a panel discussion on the issue titled 'Role of Man in Promoting Woman Empowerment ' at VM Hall, AMU, Aligarh. An interesting discussion was observed along with the active participation of the young students of AMU. Dr Danish and Dr Irfan Ullah constituted the panel and was well moderated by Smt.Zulfi Seth.



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