UDAAN for Society

UDAAN for Society

Disaster Management: A Meet

With the support of RedR and BMGF, a fruitful discussion over Disaster Management Capabilities of Uttar Pradesh was conducted. Discussion was conducted over the following:

  1. Awareness generation drive at the local level.
  2. Planning of long term solutions.
  3. Induction of consideration over new innovations while planning for handling disaster.
  4. Necessity for Inter-Departmental coordination.
  5. Counter measures for handling all kinds of disaster at the District level.



Smart City Conclave

In the municipal corporation Jawahar Bhawan, smart city conclave was organized. Fellow dignitaries of the city gave their suggestions to make Aligarh smart. Chandra Kant (Commissioner) asked the police to strictly make citizens follow the traffic rules. Respectable guests Smt. Shakuntala Bharti (Mayor), Shri V.K. Paliwal (ADA VC), Shri S.K. Sharma (MNA), Shri Avadhesh Tiwari (ADM City), Shri Anshul Gupta (SP City) etc. were present.

Solidarity and Peace March

Struggle for UDAAN Society has been everlasting. Another day embarked another struggle. One voice we raised brought social welfare, business, political and media groups to join solidarity and peace marches through the city, to protest against the attack on the media workers on 05/05/2016.

Water Conservation Workshop

Water is one of the natures precious gifts to mankind. Water is the most essential component of life and is vital for sustenance. Thus, conservation of water is a must. A detailed discussion was held on the water conservation in the workshop organized by the Aligarh Municipal Corporation, Aligarh.  President of the UDAAN Society, Shri Gyanendra Mishra Ji also participated in the workshop where he explained the importance of the upcoming rainy season, and suggested innovative ideas like the tree plantation program, rainwater harvesting program, conducting workshops in the government institutions, schools for mass awareness.

Mission One Crore Plant-Plantation Campaign

Global Warming has become a major threat to all mankind. It is now one of the primary concerns of our civilized world. However, the damage made to the nature by the humans is irreparable but to some extent things can be made harmonious through plantation of trees. With this noble initiative, Dainik Jagran, Aligarh organized a discussion in which Shri Gyanendra Mishra, President, UDAAN Society participated as dignitary along with other social institutions. UDAAN society took an oath for planting 2000 plants and urged fellow members to plant trees as much more as they can and spread the word. Active participation of volunteers and members resulted in successful commencement.

Carrying the initiative forward Dr. Sudarshan, Shri Subodh Nandan, Shri Vipin Arya, Dr. Vipin Gupta, Shri Rajesh etc. got an opportunity to go to Dr. Sudarshan's village Mahua, Mathura Road where they actively participated in planting more than 600 trees. Also, they distributed the plants to the small children of the village at a very menial price of one rupee per plant, so that understand love for the mother nature and understand its worth.

Carrying the Planting Program forward, in Lal Bahadur Shastri Kanya College, Hon. Municipal Commissioner Shri Santosh Kumar Sharma and Deputy Commissioner of Aligarh Development Authority, Shri NK Paliwal participated. Together with the two officers, the plants of banyan, pilkhun, kanji, etc. were planted. On this occasion, Shri Ashok Saxena, Manager of the College; Shri Ashok Saxena, Senior Environmentalist; Shri Subodh Nandan Sharma; Shri Gyanendra Mishra, President of UDAAN Society; Shri Raj Saxena, Shri Virendra Saxena, Shri Subhash Saxena, Dr. Rajani Gupta, Smt. Sulakshna Pandit etc. actively participated. College administration felicitated both officials on this occasion. Paralleled, the program of planting plants on Hariyali Day was completed in Lodhipuram, Aligarh Park under the assistance of Indian Institute of Yoga, Aligarh Branch and UDAAN Society. Shri Ganesh Chandra; Shri D. D Sharma, Chief Instructor; Mr. Varshneya Ji; planted numerous plants like pilkhun, kanjer etc. after the yoga practice. On this occasion, team member of the UDAAN Society Dr Lalit Upadhyay and Child Line team member Shri Ryan Ahmed were present.







A Helping Hand: Summer Clothes Distribution Program

 As a part of supporting the people in need drive summer clothes were distributed to the poor slums of Aligarh, under the auspices of UDAAN Society and Immanuel Hospital Association. The program was organized in the slums of Nagla Mahtab, Nagla Mallah, Pala Sahibabad and Bihari Nagar. It is known that the clothes were collected by the UDAAN Society volunteer and researcher Shri Anand and his team from various AMU hostels. In order to make the program successful, Project Coordinator Shri Satendra Singh, Shri Ashish Paul, Shri Yakub, Shri Sarfaraz, Smt. Aarti, Shri Ashish Christ, Immanuel Hospital Association; and Project Coordinator from UDAAN Society Shri Anand, Shri Nasim Ahmad and Smt. Nidhi Sharma PLV of the Legal Services Authority made a very important and commendable contribution.

A Tribute to Martyrs

No matter how much effort we make, but the wounds of Uri sector will neither heal or ever be forgotten. Those martyrs can never be brought back, who became immortal after giving their lives for safeguarding Mother India and its fellow citizens. As a responsible citizen and organization of the country, it is our duty to give the last farewell to those martyrs with tears. For conveying feelings to the bureaucrats of this country while displaying solidarity at the time of crisis Hindustan newspaper organized a tribute to the Amar Shahid Jawans. On this occasion entire UDAAN Society members, volunteers and office bearers were present and expressed their condolences. Rashtriya Lokdal head Shrii Abdullah Shervani, Shri Rakesh Kumar Singh, Smt. Fahim Guddu, Jr High School Teacher and Sangh's friend Shri Prashant Sharma were also present.



Sanitation Drive: Workshop

UDAAN Society participated in the training cum workshop, Nagar Nigam Aligarh, organized for the DUDA led SHG's on the issue of Sanitation. In the workshop, a very fruitful discussion for the Open defecation free city was carried out with the SHG members are the participating NGOs.


City Sanitation Drive: A Meet

A meeting with the city's major social institutions was organized regarding city sanitation in the City Corporation Service building with the Municipal Commissioner. A plan was laid for cleanliness campaign and the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (urban) for the recent future. The President of the UDAAN Society, Shri Gyanendra Mishra ji put forward a proposal to run cleanliness campaign on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti. The Municipal Commissioner called upon all the social institutions for running a clean campaign before the festival of Deepawali.

On this occasion, on behalf of the social institutions, Shri Satendra Singh, Shri Swahyambhu Siddarth, Shri Jitendra Bhardwaj, Shri Ashish Paul etc., were present.



Personal Hygiene Drive

Municipal Corporation's official Shri Sanjeev Sinha, Shri Kuldeep Kumar, Shri Rishi Yadav, and UDAAN Society President, Shri Gyanendra Mishra educated the importance of personal hygiene and urged against Open Defacation, to the people of Waterworks Colony and Sarai Lavariya.

UNICEF sponsored CATS Project: A Sanitation Awareness Initiative

UDAAN Society, under the UNICEF sponsored CATS project in Bodla block of Kabirdham district, Chhattisgarh, reviewed the progress of toilet construction and habitual usage in remote tribal areas. It is necessary to bring to every one’s notice here that under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the UDAAN Society is working day and night with its volunteers in such areas where basic amenities required for general human survival have not reached. These areas lack basic facilities like drinking water, roads, electricity etc. UDAAN Society has been actively working for Baga tribe, a government declared extremely backward tribe. Members pertaining this tribe are still confined to the forest and yet to explore rural and urban civilization.



UDAAN Society Cleanliness Drive

UDAAN Society organized a massive hygiene and cleanliness campaign in the slum area of Rajendra Nagar behind Pratibha Colony, near ward no. 30. Main objective of this campaign was to spread the cleanliness message to each and every citizen of the society. This campaign was a part of Swachh Bharat Mission. During this sanitation campaign, volunteers of the UDAAN Society appealed to download the sanitation app to the ward citizens. This campaign was well appreciated by the Municipal Commissioner of Aligarh. In order to make the program successful, the ward president Shri Nilesh Upadhyay, Sanitary Inspector Shri Anil, Shri Neeraj Giri, Shri Pankaj Sharma, Shri Nadeem Ahmed, Shri Pawan, Shri Lokendra Mishra, Shri Satendra Singh, Shri Ashish Paul, Shri Atul Gupta, Shri Vipin Sharma, Shri Subodh Nandan Sharma, Shri Anuj Sharma were all present.

Smart City Initiative: An Innovative Camp

To bring Aligarh city into the Smart City category, the UDAAN Society has been constantly involved in taking innovative initiative. As a part of it, UDAAN Society organized a smart city essentials awareness camp at the exhibition ground for calculation and operation of the e-Rickshaw operated in the city. The camp was inaugurated by SP Traffic Dr Brijesh Kumar Singh.

Health and Nutrition Awareness Program

On the orders of the Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh, in collaboration with International Organization Micronutrient Initiative and Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group-Gorakhpur, Government and Aided Inter Colleges organized a Weekly Iron Folic Supplementary Program, in association with UDAAN Society, for block level nodal teachers at the office of Chief Medical Officer. Speaking at the inaugural session of the program, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Madan Lal Agarwal said that the Weekly Iron Folic Supplementary Program is in the priority list of the Uttar Pradesh Government, and for elimination of anemia among adolescent especially girls, teachers' cooperation was requested. In this program, teens and adolescents of 10 to 19 years of age both schooled or non-schooled were included. Shri Nasim Ahmed, coordinator of the Micronutrient Initiative, said that through this program future of our country can be secured. This program is to be undertaken under the united collaboration of Department of Health, Department of Secondary Education and Women and Child Development Department. On this occasion, president of UDAAN Society, Shri Gyanendra Mishra said that this kind of training has been done in the past through the institution at every block level of the district. On this eve District Immunization Officer Dr. PK Sharma, Nodal Officer Dr. S.P. Singh, Dr. S.A. Khan, Dr. Rahul Kulshreshtha, Shri Anupam Anand and Shri Rohit Sharma were present. From UDAAN Society, educator, Shri Tayyab Khan was present.

Holi Milan Program

UDAAN Society organized Holi Milan Program in the exhibition ground, Aligarh spreading a message of communal harmony on the auspicious eve of festival of mutual love and colors. On this occasion, respectable dignitaries like Mayor Smt. Shakuntala Bharti, MLA Cole Shri Anil Parashar, MLA Aligarh Shri Sanjeev S. Raja, MLA Iglaas Shri Rajeev Diler, former MP Shri Bijendra Singh, Mandal Ayukt Shri Subhash Chandra Sharma (IAS), DM Shri Bhaskar Yashod (IAS), SSP Shri Rajesh Pandey (IPS), City Head Shri Santosh Kumar Sharma, ADM City Shri Shyam Bahadur Sharma, along with the others members of various social political organizations, officials and administrative officers, traders organization members greeted Holi with happiness. President of UDAAN Society obliged everyone’s presence and greeted love and happiness to all.    





Annual Day Celebration

Like every year UDAAN Society celebrated its Annual day on 13th December 2016 but in a different manner. This year we have decided to do it with underserved and marginalized ‘Valmiki’ Woman who never sit in a four wheeler. We have arranged a visit to famous Manglayatan Mandir to them and called this ride as ‘JOY RIDE’. The fifteen women from slums of Aligarh who never ever dare to enter the mandir premises were selected. Before the ride they were taken to the restaurant where they eat the fast food of their choice.

It was an amazing experience for the organization as well as to the woman itself. As some of the woman was sweeping the road outside the restaurant for past 20 years but never entered inside it. She was overwhelmed by the event of the organization and thanking all the team members for such a delicious food.

Cataract Operation Camp with ‘Friends For Cause’ Canada

UDAAN Society along with local NGOs of Aligarh in association with ‘Friends For Cause’, Canada and its Indian associate Lt Nitin Bhatia Memorial Trust has organized Cataract screening camps in the slums of Aligarh City. Under the Initiative 14 such camps were organized and the screened beneficiaries were referred to Mega camp on 11 December 2016. The team of renowned Gandhi Eye Hospital Aligarh has done the final checkup and after it the patients were sent for operation in the batches of 50 each. In all 250 cataract operations were done during one month campaign started from 25th November, 2016. The beneficiaries organized in such camps were from the slums of Aligarh who daily wage earners and labourers. The screening camps were also organized on the intersection roads, city parks were manual labourers usually resides. UDAAN Society Society along with Friends for Cause is organizing such Cataract operation camps for past five years. Till date we are successful in operating almost 1018 patients.




Internship with UDAAN Society

This year five students from Aligarh Muslim University and One student from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies University (NMIMS) has joined UDAAN Society for the internship. The students from Aligarh muslim University were placed in the Government Girls Junior High School, Dodhpur, for teaching to the junior level girls students. The interns also provided coaching classes to the pass out students for the entrance test of class IX. Due to whch 22 students of the School got selected in different Inter colleges of Aligarh. Himank Gulati of NMIMS was placed in our Childline project where he served for three week as part of his MBA first year ‘We Care Internship’.




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