Recent Developments

Meeting of Child Helpline at Railway Station

On 17/09/2022 Child Help Group Meeting conducted @ Aligarh Railway Station in the presence of Station Superintendent (Mr. D.K. Gautam sir), Inspector RPF ( Mr. Amit choudhary), C. T. I ( Mrs. Khem Kumar), Professor, (Mr. Sayed Ali) Mr. Rajeev kumar Charted Accounts, Mr. RV. Singh C.N.W, Childline team were also present in that meeting. Where we discussed the progress of August-22, we have helped total 16 Children (11 boys & 05girls) from Aligarh Railway station with the help of station officials, Announcement of Audio, about 1098, discuss about begging children issue. Discuss about child rights for RCL team & station stakeholder and other child issues.