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UDAAN Society is the national level organization working for underserved and neglected communities in the emergency situation.

We are a voluntary, non-profitable, registered organisation with a vision to succour in the restoration of lost dignity, livelihood, equality, justice and peace in favour of downtrodden communities

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Help Chotu to live his life with dignity

Chotu is the resident of Shivpuri Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He was a professional photographer and loves its job to the utmost. After meeting with an accident which led to paralysis in both the legs, chotu’s only friends are his wheelchair and tricycle. Doctors diagnosed that Chotu can get his legs and subsequently life back, if continuous physiotherapy and exercise has been done. For this an initial support of Rs. 7000/- is needed so that more tests related to his situation are done and physiotherapy is started.

Help to Establish Non Formal education centres at Slums

Thousands of children lost their childhood while begging, rag picking and doing petty works at Shops or as child labour. UDAAN Society with its initiative to establish NFEs to the out of school children is planning to establish five such NFEs in the slums of Aligarh and its periphery. The aim of establishing such NFEs is to further assimilate these children in the formal education system

While working at the ground level we are confronted with the odds faced by residents of slums as well as the medical fraternity is facing the lack of equipment to fight the menace.
The emergency situation arising out due to the Covid 19 has created havoc in the whole country. The cases of inappropriate supply of sanitizers, masks, soaps for hand wash, food supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Medical personals has put the community and medical staff on the risk of being starved and infected respectively.

Help Us to Fight Against COVID-19

The fundraiser is to maintain the supply of these essentials along with food items for the people living in a distressed situation and have no option left in front of them to save themself and their families. With this campaign, we are planning to provide basic fooding and sanitization support, medical support to the children resides nearby railway station, people of the slums of Gihara Nagar, Sarai Deendayal, Bihari Nagar etc and the medical staff working for a cure during the Covid 19 mayhem.

Since it is an emergency situation the funds collected will be utilized ASAP they came to us so that help can be provided for the people who are at risk and on the verge of survival.Funds will be utilized to arrange:

  • Masks, soaps/ spirit
  • Weekly ration: Dal, Rice, Flour, Sugar & Spices
  • Personal Protective Equipment

1000 masks X Rs 25 = 25,000/
3000 Soap Bar @ Rs 10 X = 30,000/-
Basic Food Supplies= 1,45,000/-
emergency Medical Support = 1,00,000/-
Total= Rs 3,00,000/-



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